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Fur Wand

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Fur Wand


Convenient And Effective In Contrast To Other Pet Hair Removals.

😃 Get Satisfied with this lightweight and comfortable Fur Wand® and effortlessly remove all pet fur with a few gentle hand moves. That's how easy it is.  Double-sided brush allows you to clean in half the time.

If You Tried Other Pet Hair Cleaners You Should Know That This Is A GAME CHANGER

No Refills needed....Ever

The Fur Wand® NEVER runs out and never needs refills - it'll last you years.   No more buying refills, no more tearing sheets off, no tape, no mess.  You'll save a fortune.  Fur Wand® is the last lint brush you'll ever need to buy. 

New Micro-Bristle Technology

The secret is the new micro-bristle technology.  The extra-large Fur Wand® has thousands of soft, tiny bristles don't miss a thing.  Perfect for pet lovers - hair, lint, fluff, dander and dandruff are gone in seconds.  Use it on beds, carpets, sofas, clothes, curtains, pet beds, blankets, duvets, cushions, in the car... 

 Self-Cleaning Base 

 The best bit is the innovative self-cleaning base.  Just one quick dip in and out of the base and the hair is removed and the Fur Wand® is ready to go again. To empty, just remove the base clip and let the hair fall into the bin.  No mess, no fuss.  You never need to touch the hair.

 PLUS - Whilst Stocks Last...
We'll Include The Travel-Size Fur Wand® (usually £7.99 on it's own) absolutely FREE!


"This is one of those ideas that actually works"

"A must for any pet owner who is fed up of going to work wearing dog hair with clothes hidden underneath (you know that's us german shepherds owners). I've used it on my work bag, couch and clothes and it works every time.
What I really love about it though is the sleeve, after a wipe or two you slide it in the sleeve pull it out and all the hairs have been cleaned off, all the hair is cleverly pushed to the bottom, which the end comes off and you Can empty it in the bin, I've really tested this and it works every time"
- Gemma





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