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17 Keys Handmade Kalimba

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17 Keys Handmade Kalimba

Take your Kalimba anywhere, and start enjoying the sounds no matter where you are!

 Kalimba, also known as a thumb piano, is like a magic music box that can produce amazing sounds. It is a new type of instrument that originated in Africa and is super great for children to cultivate musical talent and for adults who simply love music.

This musical instrument is Dedicated to Sound Quality - Bright, Perfect Echo, and Delay, which gives off a sweet, soothing, and melodic sound. You only need to move your thumb to get wonderful music that makes you happy all day long.

Connect With Nature

In today's environment, it's easy to lose ourselves in technology and be constantly looking for the next "thing" to keep us occupied. It's not until we take a second to enjoy the beauty in the moment that we realize it's what we were missing all along.
Playing the Kalimba thumb piano allows us to temporarily place technology to the side and focus on the beauty of the present moment.

Kalimba For Self Development

Leave the computer, iPad and smartphone for a while, pick up the Kalimba, exercise your fingers flexibility and coordination with the brain, easily explore and cultivate your musical talent, and enjoy the pleasant and wonderful music melody.

You will be amazed at the rich music and beautiful sound that can come from this tiny instrument, and it will bring you a good mood.

Kalimba Thumb Piano is the best gift to help people enjoy family time, bring music enlightenment to children, share memories with their loved ones, and surprise friends or colleagues...

The Secret Why Anyone Can Play Kalimba in 5 Minutes

Cute appearance and beautiful sound, easy to learn and play, Kalimba is a very simple entry-level instrument.
Without any music basis, you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music that delights your day long. Our professionally produced kalimba learning booklet introduces the use and performance method of kalimba in detail, which makes it easy to learn. Suitable for beginners, kids, and professionals.

Perfect Gift Idea

The durable kalimba boxes can effectively protect kalimba regardless of performance or collection, preventing moisture, oxidation, scratches, falling, and very easy to carry. The beautiful and peaceful sound will lead you to a very happy feeling, It's a great choice for relax after work. Best gift for kids, adults, beginners, professionals, music lovers, and bands.

High Quality Materials and Protection

 Handmade with high-quality Mahogany and ore steel bars, giving you a nice sense of hearing, looking, vision and touch. The tines are curved and will not hurt your fingers. The tines of the keys are engraved with notes, more conducive to hand-eye coordination than other sticker note thumb pianos, and will never fall off.



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